Understanding Latex Boots

Although latex is used in many kinds of clothing and protective gear, none of this makes a statement like latex boots. Beautifully crafted to tightly hold on to your skin and accentuate your walking style, these boots are the ultimate fetish fashion statement. They are mainly worn during the cold season since they are made of latex rubber which is generally warm.

Initially most these were black in color but with their emergence as a major fashion accessory they have evolved both in color and design. We now have different styles of boots which are made for everyone including young kids, women and men.

Super-sky-high-heel-platform-latex-boots-rubber-bootslatex boots

When putting on them, it is advised that you use a dressing aid in order to avoid damaging the latex. One has a choice of using either powder or lubricant depending on what one prefers. Most people prefer to use talcum powder. You should apply the lubricant of your choice on the inside of the boot before gently pulling it on.
Shiny latex boots are very attractive. A shiny surface can be achieved by use of latex polish. Lubricants such as silicone can also be used for the same purpose. However, rubbing the lubricant with excessive force on to the latex may damage it hence one is advised to use a soft cloth or bare hands to gently apply the lubricant.
To keep your boots in a good condition there are several things that you need to avoid. Here are some of them;
Oil — when you handle your boots with oily hands or when they are rubbed against an oily surface they will get damaged.
Any objects that are sharp — latex surface is easily damaged by any sharp objects hence you should make sure that your boots does not come into contact with any sharp objects.
Some metals — Latex material reacts negatively with some metals like bronze and sometimes brass resulting in stains that are brown in color.
Fire — latex is naturally flammable hence any contact with flame would result in damage.
Exposure to excessive heat or too much sunlight — Exposure to excessive heat leads to white patches in the affected areas.

It is very important to clean your boots immediately after removing them in order get rid of any oils including body oils that might damage the latex. Removing of the oils is mainly done by putting them in warm water. Due to its negative reaction with metals one should either hang them on wooden or plastic hangers or alternatively you can just put them on a flat surface and give them time to dry. When they are dry, one is advised to gently pull apart any latex that could be stuck together and apply some powder or lubricant to make sure that they don’t get attached again.
When storing these boots, one is advised not to store the light and dark colored boots together since the darker ones may discolor the lighter ones.
When all is said and done latex boots will remain to be a big fashion statement for the bold and daring, hence if you want to stand out from the crowd you better have a pair of this boots with you.

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How To Buy Plus Size Boots

Do you know that there is something great about a pair of boots making a lady feel sexy? In case your legs are too thick, finding knee high boots and mid calf can be difficult. Nevertheless, there are effective extra size boots out there that can give you a sexy look. Are you looking for the most effective plus size boots that deliver with care? Is your quest after the best boot that counts? With the enumerated points presented below, you will be on your way to buy the best extra size boots that glow with longevity.

You can try shopping online. The method applied in buying extra size shoes is to shop online for the best option. To be factual, there are several websites with a lot of selection on plus size, plus calf, or wide shaft boots. In case you are shopping online, ensure to place the mentioned keyword. You will sure get websites that are specially selling these options. In case the product description does not display plus calf, ensure to move to your best option. You will be happy to get the best selection that counts. Giving it a try will help you greatly when planning to purchase these boots that deliver with care.
plus size boots plus size boots plus size boots plus size boots
Your next action is to select wearable heel. It is clear that a 4” stiletto shoe looks sexy. This is often great when an individual has more to carry on the given stiletto. On this note, you will discover that it makes walking painful, slow and unsteady. You will always discover this when that little cute stiletto heel is present. You can opt for a heel with wider base, slight wedge or a 2” heel to maintain balance and comfort.

In case you will be putting them on with pants of boot cut that have enough length, avoid booties or flats. This will help keep you from creating flood pant look or riding up slowly. In case you have thick ankles or legs booty will unflatter even if you try all means to make it work. On this note, it is important not to buy this type of boot. Going for a knee high boot or mid calf will be the best option for you. It will help you to always gain balance when walking especially in a sandy environment. Comfort will be gained by your feet while working. For this reason, it is better to select the best option that suits your walking mode.

It is always a better idea to select something with details and structure at the upper section of the shaft. Selecting something with a perfect look at the upper section of the ankle is also a great idea. This will help display the most effective curve needed as required. Buying a pair knee boots with opaque or hose tights will help for a streamlined action. Think on this and go for the best option that sounds great. You will discover the joy that plus size boots offer. You will be happy with the process of buying plus size boots, time and again.

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How To Take Care Of Leather Boots

Most leather boots are either made of finished or unfinished leather. For most women footwear, finished leather is the most component; on the other hand, unfinished leather is often found on work boots and requites different treatment than the finished leather.

If you are not aware what kind of leather you have, here is a simple technique to determine, place a little amount of leather cleaner most preferably foam on the boots , in the event the cleaner is readily absorbed the boots are made of unfinished leather. On the other hand, if the foam does not get absorbed easily or stays on the surface for a while, the rate of absorption indicates the strength of finish. Here Are Some how to take care of leather boots tips.

take care of leather bootsPhoto: Katheirne Hitt, CC BY-ND 2.0

Stain removal
A stain attacking boots is one of the most difficult jobs to removes. Having a leather cleaner and conditioner are two most crucial things that are use in cleaning the leather boots. When trying to clean the them it is important to remember that different boots are made of different colors and designs. Using inappropriate cleaner may change the appearance, color or cause cracks on the boots. There are various ways of how to take care of your leather boots; however, it is vital to start with a small inconspicuous area to check the effect of the conditioner on them.

General stains
For general stains, a leather cleaning solution is important; however if that is not available general household products may do the job. A damp sponge can help in removing dirt form the leather as it is soft and soaks the stains. If the wet sponge does not work, try baby wipes, rubbing on the dirt area several times.

Water stains
For water stains, leaving the boots to dry naturally in open-air helps to prevent any damage on the boots while recovering the original color and shape. It is recommended that the boots be kept away from heat sources to restore the softness when they are dry.

Gum stains
Rubbing the affected area with a plastic bag filled with ice is the first step to harden the gum. After the gum has hardened then you can remove it with your finger or by the help of a clip.

Grease stains
Blot the excess grease with a clean cloth, thereafter sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder on the area affected. Let the shoe stay for more than four hours in a cool dry place and thereafter wipe the powder. General care

The perfect thing to use for the unfinished leather is mostly oil, leather-conditioning oil, neat’s-foot oil or any other oil used on saddles or baseball gloves may work magic on your boots. Daubing a generous amount on the leather and leaving it overnight for absorption to take place is the perfect way of how to take care of your boots and in the morning remove the excess oil. For the finished boots high grade polish is the best option to treat the finished leather. It is essential to follow directions on the polish container in order to get the best results.

In summary, whichever the type of leather shoes you have, knowing how to take care of leather boots is fundamental to maintain their shape and color.

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