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Understanding Latex Boots

Although latex is used in many kinds of clothing and protective gear, none of this makes a statement like latex boots. Beautifully crafted to tightly hold on to your skin and accentuate your walking style, these boots are the ultimate fetish fashion statement. They are mainly worn during the cold season since they are made of latex rubber which is generally warm.

Initially most these were black in color but with their emergence as a major fashion accessory they have evolved both in color and design. We now have different styles of boots which are made for everyone including young kids, women and men.

Super-sky-high-heel-platform-latex-boots-rubber-bootslatex boots

When putting on them, it is advised that you use a dressing aid in order to avoid damaging the latex. One has a choice of using either powder or lubricant depending on what one prefers. Most people prefer to use talcum powder. You should apply the lubricant of your choice on the inside of the boot before gently pulling it on.
Shiny latex boots are very attractive. A shiny surface can be achieved by use of latex polish. Lubricants such as silicone can also be used for the same purpose. However, rubbing the lubricant with excessive force on to the latex may damage it hence one is advised to use a soft cloth or bare hands to gently apply the lubricant.
To keep your boots in a good condition there are several things that you need to avoid. Here are some of them;
Oil — when you handle your boots with oily hands or when they are rubbed against an oily surface they will get damaged.
Any objects that are sharp — latex surface is easily damaged by any sharp objects hence you should make sure that your boots does not come into contact with any sharp objects.
Some metals — Latex material reacts negatively with some metals like bronze and sometimes brass resulting in stains that are brown in color.
Fire — latex is naturally flammable hence any contact with flame would result in damage.
Exposure to excessive heat or too much sunlight — Exposure to excessive heat leads to white patches in the affected areas.

It is very important to clean your boots immediately after removing them in order get rid of any oils including body oils that might damage the latex. Removing of the oils is mainly done by putting them in warm water. Due to its negative reaction with metals one should either hang them on wooden or plastic hangers or alternatively you can just put them on a flat surface and give them time to dry. When they are dry, one is advised to gently pull apart any latex that could be stuck together and apply some powder or lubricant to make sure that they don’t get attached again.
When storing these boots, one is advised not to store the light and dark colored boots together since the darker ones may discolor the lighter ones.
When all is said and done latex boots will remain to be a big fashion statement for the bold and daring, hence if you want to stand out from the crowd you better have a pair of this boots with you.

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